My Journey

This is a place designed to make room for you to dream (& plan).

It’s about time we contemplate messages of hope vs the doom and gloom. This blog was created to share two things – inspiration & solutions sprinkled with my journey in between. My name is ALe – short for Alejandra. I’m a 27-year-old self-employed gal from Southern California on a journey to clean up my debt (& life)! For so long, I’d lost hope not because of the current events, but because of how I thought I’d always live my life — on edge and grasping for a quick way out. It wasn’t until God found me, and I accepted Him into my life that I truly felt the healing and purification I’ve always dreamed of. Since then, life has taken a lot of crazy turns, but step-by-step God has shown me exactly what I need to do next. I prayed to be more generous and the next step toward Generosity was to become debt-free. The step after that? This blog. I’m so excited to share this journey with whoever needs some hope or inspiration along their own walk.

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