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Prospecting Tips for Notaries: Sales Mindset Advice

So you want to close every single prospect you go out and meet? Read this post to learn some of the principles that will be the foundation for you.

But first, let’s take a little detour and go down memory lane.

When I was in fifth grade, I remember a teacher telling a story about a student who had grown up to achieve great things in life. I can’t recall the specifics of that student’s situation, but I do remember my teacher mentioning she was a reader. It was astounding the number of books she read monthly. My teacher went on to encourage us, students, to read, and be curious. So I carried a piece of that advice throughout my entire life up until today. Today, I’m a notary and marketing professional and my curiosity has taught me many things and I’m ready to help share those with you today!

Consider this my review of Joe Girard’s bestselling book “How to Close Every Sale” and your reminder to make reading a daily habit!

This book is packed full of real-life situations that Mr. Girard experienced as a car salesman. He goes in-depth on how to close EVERY sale which comes down to a few things:

  • Overcoming sales objections
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Controlling the sale
  • Going all or nothing
  • and so much more…

Today I want to highlight a few timeless mindset tips when approaching prospecting new clients that I’m applying to my notary business.

  1. Approach your prospect from a perspective of partnership.

    In the book, Girard titles this section the “us vs them relationship.” He goes on to share that many people in business or sales view a sale won as a conquest. In reality, we should not view gaining new business as a battle or conquest.

    This is not only detrimental to long-term business relationships but this approach puts you in opposition to your client and not in partnership. Your goal should be to work with them and not play a game of trying to win them over. Each time in front of your prospective client should be viewed as a way to help guide them in making the decision to work with you. They are always looking for quality notaries (we know this) so always assume this.
  2. Show them you understand time is valuable.

    We all know this. How can we share it with prospects? In the book, Girard executed this by asking prospects to book by appointment only. He even mentioned that “the longer the customer waits, the cheaper he is” giving the customer the reassurance they would get the best of the best deal. The best prospect is those who are ready to book you.

    In the notary world, we have no clue when we’ll be needed. My advice? Stay consistent and keep prospecting emails or trips short & always include a date/time you’ll follow up so it isn’t unexpected.

    Additionally, you must understand the relief a great notary provides. I can’t even count the number of times an escrow officer has deeply thanked me for taking care of signings.
  3. Always assume every prospect is a terrific one.

    It’s so important to hold on tight to your sense of positivity. It isn’t ONLY about mindset though, it’s about knowing the truth of the matter. If an escrow officer (or mortgage professional) is in business, they NEED someone with a professional, team-player attitude to carry out the closing of their deals. It’s a given. Assuming they won’t need or use your services should be at the bottom of the list of things to think about.

    Additionally, stay really focused on your end goal. This means not getting sidetracked by those assuming there isn’t enough business out there because of (insert whatever reason here). Assuming there won’t be business is a great way to not close deals!
  4. Don’t forget to sell yourself.

    You are a change-maker. It’s a must that you believe you provide the best service and that you are at the top in your industry. The best part is that those things that make you unique are the things that make you the best. Your client will believe in you once you do!

As I get through this book, I’ll be sharing more gems that may help you. As self-employed business owners, it’s so important to continue to nourish our minds with good things. Staying open and curious about new ways of thinking is the best way to grow your business.

Let me know if you found this helpful or if you’d like me to touch on another subject!

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