Getting Your First Signing Agent Appointment: Everything You Need to Know

What more could a new signing agent want than to land their first assignment and hit the ground running? I’ve been there, and I know how hard it can seem when everyone is looking for an experienced notary to complete their assignments. It’s very possible and today I’m going to give you all the details on how to land your first signing as a notary!

Most people will skip some of these steps, but as someone who thrives on organization, this will help you cover a lot of things you need as an independent notary.

Preparation Meets Opportunity

First things first, you’re going to need to be well-trained. We can’t discuss getting your first assignment if you don’t have the credentials to see it through. We are closing on folk’s homes after all. So be sure that you’re commissioned, certified, and trained on real estate loan documents. Most of the work you need to do to prepare for your first appointment comes from the training you take. It’s so important you’re educated on the paperwork and understand how the escrow and loan process works.

I’ve provided a price comparison of the most popular loan signing agent courses on the market today.

Loan Signing SystemSigning Agent BasicsNotary2Notary
Price ($)Up to $497 with payment plan options up to $88/moUp to $474 with payment plan optionsTwo-part training, $149 each; No payment plan options
Video TrainingYes with lifetime accessYes, new video training videos added regularlyYes
MentorshipYes; For Six-Figure students directly with Mark and monthly mentorship content from successful signing agents & other business pros.

SBO – Small Business Organization community where Mark hosts other pros to help us build our business in every aspect from health, to finances, to setting up CRM.
Zoom monthly mentorships for the exclusive and elite level coursesYes
Customer SupportGreat service and response times within a few hoursUnlimited access to help via email for Elite-Level course
ExtrasOngoing market updates & signing agent business training
Ongoing business development content via the Small Business Organization community
Marketing Scripts
Provides RON trainingProvides General Notary Work training
TrainerMark WillsKendra LewisVanessa Terry

Additionally, you can find other courses online that will provide you with material to grow your notary business. You’ll also need to be equipped with the following list of supplies:

  • Notarization Tracker Sheet – Download here
  • Notary Gadget – Sign up for the accounting software here
  • E&O Insurance (At least $100,000)
  • Notary Journal (I recommend the Modern Notary Journal)
  • Blue and black pens (I recommend these)
  • Sticky notes
  • Thumbprint Ink Pad

I recommend new signing agents get in the habit of tracking notarizations properly. I often would get stuck at the end of signings writing down each notarization. When I had long refinance packages with over 30 notarizations, it was brutal. That was until I got a modern notary journal and created a notarization tracker. It will help you when you have last-minute signings, or when you’re planning your day ahead and have to get a few signings back to back.

Side Note: You can receive discounted supplies through the Loan Signing System Staples’ Advantage Program. (I am not affiliated with them, but I live by these prices)

How Long Does it Take People to Get Their First Signing?

I think it’s great to get a ballpark timeline on when you will land your first signing. I visited a few Facebook groups and found a few threads with the following information. Most people found their first signing right when they were ready to get started signing. This means the timeline accounts for the days after they signed up for the major signing platforms and signing services.

It’s important to note that your effort affects this. This means you must do everything you can do to make it happen. This here is to help you visualize when you’ll be able to land it.

Set up your business

You don’t necessarily need to start your LLC now (if you decide to go that route) but I would highly recommend starting a business banking account. I chose to go with the Novo Business Checking account, which has been amazing for me. This is not a MUST and most certainly won’t get you your first signing, but this step will help set you up and be prepared. You’ll need to have this information readily available for the next steps.

I previously mentioned Notary Gadget, and I highly recommend it. In addition to Notary Gadget, I highly recommend starting off with Quickbooks Self-Employed in order to track all of your mileage, income, and expenses. This app also gives you a clue on the amount to set aside for taxes. I wish I’d started using this from the jump.

Join the major signing platforms and services that can provide signings.

Major Signing Platforms to sign up with:

  • Snapdocs (I didn’t personally get a lot of work through this platform, but I know tons of people that do)
  • Signing Order (I pay the $2.99/mo for the 10 zip codes and it’s paid for itself)
  • Notary Dash (A lot of Loan Signing System Signing Service owners use this platform)
  • SigningTrac
  • Notary Cafe
  • The Notary Box

The most important part about starting is the sign-up process. Get yourself a free Google Drive account and set up your files in folders. Create one for your bios, photos, and general contact information. Create another folder with all of your assets including your notary commission, bond, E&O, Driver’s License, and any additional certifications you have. You’ll need to have a place where you can easily find all of your information in order to make the process as seamless as possible.

In addition to signing up on platforms, which are the connector between signing services and independent notaries, you’ll need to find signing services that will accept you as a newbie. The signing service that I used A LOT, in the beginning, was The Closing Exchange. I don’t recommend working with them long-term, but I have some thoughts on working with them to build some experience as a signing agent.

How to Get Your First Signing With The Closing Exchange

  • Fill out your profile completely
  • Create a great, captivating bio that reflects your knowledge
  • Add all necessary credentials
  • Picking up the phone won’t work with this signing service, you’ll need to stay logged on the desktop version while you’re doing other computer work. You can be researching signing services, title companies, or other miscellaneous tasks early in the work day.
  • Refresh, refresh, refresh! Often, I found refreshing the website would lead me to see the notification on my desktop before the notification went out to my cell phone. If this sounds tedious, it is. This is how I landed 75% of the work I got from CXChoice. I totaled about 45 in about 2 months.
  • When you’re on the desktop, you’ll see right away if you got the signing. Just repeat until you have about 3 to 5 signings. Then, you can use these as leverage to start working with other signing services.

Final thoughts: You don’t need to start with CXChoice, but it was definitely worth my while to land my first appointments with them. Using them also encourages you to be extremely mindful of your work and that you’re error-free as they use a system to track the time it took to confirm appointments and your % of errors.

Other Signing Services That New Signing Agents Work With:

  • Select Signings
  • Simple Signings
  • Coast 2 Coast
  • Premium Signature Services
  • Accountable Agents
  • Loan Closers
  • US Certified Signers
  • Unlimited Ink Notary
  • Notaries To You

Closing Thoughts

Most signing agent courses set you up for success when it comes to getting your first appointment. It’s crucial to take into account your business and the structure you set for yourself. This means making sure the foundations of your business are taken care of such as notarization, mileage, expense, and appointment tracker systems. Getting your first signing appointment as a notary is easy if you take these steps and stick to them consistently.

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